F      O      T      O      M      A      T      I      C


a photographic story of kyoto

outside kyoto, trees were getting organized.

i pressed the reset button.

fantastic plastic.

couldn't recall ever having seen that particular shade of green, naturally occurring.

the pool we could only look at through a locked window.

cherry can ashtray.

buddhist feet eventually smoothed the grain into submission.

weirdo. dancing like that.

nishikigoi had a view.

it felt almost kinky.

mount fuji in the sky [without diamonds].

patiently waiting to be ripped apart by godzilla.

konnichi wa. konnichi wa.

he listened very carefully, and looked, but he didn't say anything much.

we returned on another day.

love noodles. coincidence.

hydraulic doors served with white gloves.

its love again.

big nose also knew the overpass.

no man's land and a hidden correction.

take me to the tokyu please.

we were moved so differently at night.

drinks at the bar tokyu.

naturally anamorphic bee. or was it not to bee.

meanwhile, she believed she was outnumbered.

he ceremoniously invited us in for tea.

my favorite car park.

well it's a one for the money, two for the show, three to get ready now go cat go

but don't you step on my snake skin shoes.

is it lucky?

all images and photographs are copyright of the auteurs anthony atanasio and valerie martinez and anthony atanasio films 2007

© anthony atanasio films limited 2007

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